NeoRad navigation solutions


SimpliCTNeoRad has invented SimpliCT, a laser based navigation solution for

Computed Tomography x-ray system (CT), Positron Emission Tomography CT (PET-CT) or rotational C-arm fluoroscopy CT or Cone Beam CT (CBCT)

guided interventions, such as ablations, nephrostomies, biopsies vertebroplasties and nerve blocks.

Using the integrated software of

the CT, PET-CT or CBCT (herinafter called CT) planning of the optimal needle trajectory can be done at the CT console with fused or non fused PET and CT images.

By marking the patient entry point and simply setting the SimpliCT laser with the angle of the preferred needle path, the intervention can be performed keeping the needle hub within the laser light.

SimpliCT is set with the angles obtained from the CT software, and will reqiure no additional software or workstations. Ceiling suspension provides easy positioning of the device.

Recently SimpliCT has been put to use with advanced Cone Beam CT Interventional systems. For systems providing 3D needle path trajectory planning SimpliCT can be used to visualize the needle trajectory, replacing fluoroscopy in the C-arm Bulls Eye View (Entry point view) position.

The net effect of applying SimpliCT to your practice will be a reduced number of needle position confirmation scans, effectively reducing radiation dose both to the patient and the interventional radiologist.

Benefits of SimpliCT


Case Studies:

Case 1, Drainage Aortic Sac

Case 2, Combined Spinal Pain Procedure

Case 3, Osteoid Osteoma RF Ablation